Harnessing the powerful medicinal and nutritional benefits of mushrooms.

The world needs better approaches to mental health and overall well-being. GoodCap is developing effective mushroom-based treatments that open new pathways to a healthier future.

Image of therapeutic mushrooms

We’re in the midst of an intensifying mental-health crisis as the world continues to become more complex. Yet most people seeking treatment get the same medications that have been prescribed for decades. It’s time for a new approach.

From psilocybin to antioxidants like selenium and glutathione, mushrooms contain many elements that promote well-being. Global cultures have taken advantage of mushrooms’ medicinal and health benefits for centuries. In recent years, a growing body of scientific research has brought that knowledge into new contexts. GoodCap is uniquely positioned to break through the current impasse with its innovative therapies.

GoodCap takes a science-based approach to developing effective mushroom-based treatments and dietary options that open new pathways to physical and mental well-being. We combine botanical research, therapeutic clinical research and trials, unique retail products and experiences, consumer education, and community building. We bring the rigor and control of regulated scientific research together with the wisdom and integrative approach of traditional medicines. 

Sansero Life Sciences develops novel psilocybin-based drug products for the treatment of mental health and other conditions.

A Good Mushroom is a retail concept built to advocate for the diverse health and wellness benefits of functional mushrooms.